Bass      Thomas "the bassman" Grandsire
 Drums  TBD...    
 Guitar  Remi "Reminator" Grandsire    
 Vocals  TBD...

Well, unfortunately this is the life of a band. We lost our drummer (he quit you know nothing tragic) and I didn’t even get a chance to post the name of our new singer that he is gone too. So as of today U/C is looking for a new drummer, a new singer and a place to practice.

And last time we've played live was for George's wedding and man was that fun or what!?
Just check out the video on YouTube. We just got to play a couple of songs with James on bass and no singer but last time we played was Racafest in November 2011 so almost a 4 years hiatus!!

We also were part of the PSA shot at the NC gas chamber against child abuse see here on Youtube:
(some music by Under Construction ** Sunday Afternoon **) 
Under Construction is a North Carolina band dedicated to HAVING FUN!!
I don't know how to describe our music other than fun Hard Rock.
Because of our different influences, background and cultures we're able to produce something that is different but most importantly fun.
Come to our concerts and you'll get it.  We are looking for a strong rythm section to help Thomas provide the backbone for Remi's guitar and the vocal melodies.
Thank you all for checking our Website, please sign our guest book and enjoy our music.
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Rip in Time!!