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Remi's corner (I guess it's my bio)

Born in Montfermeil (France) in May 1968 (during the revolution LOL).
I've been playing guitar since I was 17. I am indeed left handed.
I still have my second guitar that I bought with my first paycheck, it's an Ibanez RG440L (roadstar model with a Floyd Rose type tremolo).
I have had many guitars since and still have all of them but my favorite is my newest, another Ibanez RG5EX1, I love it and it's so easy to play.
On the amp side I got a Peavey valveking head and I do not have to complain about it at all.
The effects I'm using are not many but the main one is my Vox Satriani Ice 9, it's got everything I need and coupled with the Peavey and Ibanez you got the winning combination (as far as I'm concerned this does work for me).
I'm not endorced by anybody so what I'm using has been paid for and assembled after many years of trials and errors.
My influences are many but the main are:
  • Joe Satriani (I love Chickenfoot by the way listen to their new album)
  • Steve Vai (I wish I could have a JEM but I still have to find a winning lottery ticket)
  • Van Halen, the old and the new (that sound!!)
  • Vivian Campbell, I love the early DIO stuff he was doing and his use of artificial harmonics got me puzzled for so long
  • And many other guitar players...
In short I love guitars, computers and technology in general!!
So I will add guitar pictures and some of my music links.