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Some History

All this is where we got to go through the how did we end up here.
Ok so I guess it all started with Triple Trouble with George, Remi and the neighbor Harry.
If I get this right we got together in February 2004 (George correct me if I'm wrong). **(Correct, and there was a power outage the very first time!)
Harry had about 15 minutes of bass and George a few weeks (months?). Update George said: WEEKS
So we got together and played a few covers and originals. We still are playing 2 songs from the Triple Trouble era:
* A Sunday Afternoon
Because of some tension in the band and I guess kids arrival we kind of got disconnected for a few years (still friends but not much music done).
The only survivor of the "Bag of Hammers" and the "Shenannigans" is George, at this point he was itching to get back in the saddle so he (tried to) put together an AC/DC tribute band and an all original one (Bag of Hammers).
The important thing is BoH is what started U/C with following line up:
Bass: Steve Moore
Guitar: Brandon Chien
Guitar: Cliff Ramsdell
Drums: George Onda
Vocals: Mike Nichols
At this point I was asked to join the band (or I kinda did it?) and Cliff was let go and by that time Mike was already gone.
We then looked for a singer and after a few interesting tries we ended up asking Shawn McKnight to join us to get ready for our first show at the Pour House in Raleigh.
This is when U/C became Under Construction, George had to give the Gorilla's people the band name and I guess U/C is the first thing that came to mind. Ask George he loves to tell the story.
So I guess U/C's birth was sometimes in April 2009 with the following line up:
Bass: Steve Moore
Drums: George Onda
Guitar: Brandon Chien
Guitar: Remi Grandsire
Vocals: Shawn McKnight
So we played a few shows:
  • Oasis (interesting one) in Graham
  • The Pour House (the real first show) in Raleigh (4/5/09)
  • The Raven (Steve-O benefit and Remi's b-day) Burlington (5/2/09)
  • The Alamance County fair (probably the best sound we ever had) (5/8/09)
  • Brewballs , Burlington (5/30/09)
Steve left after an interesting band meeting, and a few days after, Brandon did too.
Left were George, Shawn and Remi. We kind of where in limbo for a few weeks between looking for a new bass player and trying to find out if we wanted to keep the 2 guitar player recipe or not (FYI: I voted no - says Remi; George said Yes!)
Dave Ernteman joined us at the end of the summer and we started practicing hoping to get more shows soon.
We dropped a few songs:
  • Rip in Time
  • Fortunate Son (C.C.R.)
  • Black Sabbath cover (can't remember the title even if my life depended on it) *** It was Paranoid (George)
Then added Stomp.
Because of the line up changes and difficulties with scheduling 4 guys we haven't been able to add as many songs as we would have wanted.
So with Dave we played more shows:
  • The Berkeley (first show ever for Dave) Raleigh (11/8/09)
  • Volume 11 (last for 2009) Raleigh (11/21/09)
Then came Thanksgiving, Christmas and all that good stuff so didn't even practice until after...
Shawn left. So this is it we're starting 2010 with Dave, George and Remi.
The sound of the band is changing for something a little more "hard/metal" (no I didn't say metal...) and we added one concert with 2 and 1/2 practice and Rob the singer (boy I almost added a "W") and it was fun but F****d up!!
  • Brewery (very late show, Under Construction guitar with electrical tape) Raleigh
And I'll keep on wiriting as new events unveil...