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Triple Trouble (the beginnings)

Bass: Harry Bradley
Guitar: Remi Grandsire
Drums: George Onda
Well, it's funny cause George's got long hair on this one and I got mine short and a mustache.
Let me see If I remember the set list:
  1. Peter Gunn
  2. Back in Black
  3. The Rock
  4. HFS
  5. Jesus left Chicago
  6. The Medley
  7. Sunday Afternoon
Not sure about the order but I think that's all we played.
You can download a few song's here and we did not intent on breakin' any copyright's laws.
See below in the attachment section...
* This version of a Sunday afternoon is the original recording I did way back when. The tempo is pretty compared to the way we play it now...
* The Back in black was recorded in George's garage (the real one attached to the house) with just a laptop and an external microphone hanging for the ceiling. No bass just the 2 of us...
* HFS was recorded in the garage also but this time with the multi-track even though the drums were mixed to 2 traks for the recording, it was our first atempt at recording. The bass is Harry plying heavily edited it took me weeks to get it to sound like a bass (CakeWalk 6 Producer edition for DAW S/W).
* Same gig for the Rock instead I decided to record the bass because there was way to munch work to be done for corrections.
George has a "good" version of Jesus left Chicago somewhere on his computer but I don't have it!!
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